MeeSoft Support Diagram Designer

If you like this software then please support my work and the future development of the program, the documentation and the website.

There are basically two ways to help: Either make a donation or help improve the program or documentation. This means that if you can help me make improvements then of course I do not expect any payment for the program.

The program available for download is the full version without any limitations. I would like to keep it free in the sense that you don't have to contribute but I encourage you to do it.

Note that I am not trying to make money on your effort if you choose to help improve the program or documentation. It will be clearly stated that "This is the work of xxx" and I will try to keep it separated from my own work. So far I am only hoping to make money for new development tools (compilers etc.) and similar "toys", and to pay for the website.

Make a donation

Making a donation is the easiest way to contribute. Any amount will be appreciated, just note that PayPal takes a handling fee of a least $0.25 for each donation.

Note that any personal information entered will only be used to complete the transfer. We will not give away or sell any personal information.

Making template palettes

If you made a new object template palette for diagrams or flowcharts which you find could be useful to others, then please send it to me. It could be symbols for e.g. electronic diagrams or software design flowcharts. Useful palettes will be made available from the program download page or perhaps included in next release of the program.

Help improving the documentation

There is currently only little documentation available for the program. (Open) If you have used the program and can contribute by writing a more thorough description of some of the features or writing a tutorial to make the program perform some task then contact me. Note that the documentation is in HTML format, so you should be able to edit/write a HTML document.

Help translating the program

It is possible to translate the menus and dialogs in the program to a language other than English. Read the instructions below before you begin.

Download translation file

If you click the above link you will see several more or less complete translation for different languages. If your language is in the list you can just download it and translate the remaining texts. If your language is not in the list, you should download untranslated.txt to start a new translation.

The file is a tab-delimited text file with three columns. Each line contains a text to be translated. The first column contains the English texts. In the second column the translations should be filled in. The third column contains the programmer's name(s) for each text label, which can sometimes be useful for figuring out where the text appears.
You should of course only modify the second column. It is important that the translated text is formatted exactly as the English, because some texts contain special codes. In a text spanning multiple lines the lines will be separated by either #$0D or \n, and this must be maintained in the translation. Other formatting codes like e.g. %s or %d mean that something will be inserted in the string at run time. You are welcome to ask questions for the translation, and if in doubt about some text then I would rather have in untranslated than in an wrong translation. For the dialog texts, please try not to make the translations longer than the English texts. Remember that the text should still be able to "fit it" wherever it appears.
I suggest using Microsoft Excel or a similar spreadsheet program to edit the file. Just resize the columns on the screen to make the text easier to read.
If you have translated the texts then just send the file by e-mail. You can also send a partial translation. Then the updated file will be uploaded here and hopefully someone else will finish it. All translation will be marked with the name of the translator.
For translation to languages that require a non-latin character set, please contact us before you start.

Windows setup for non-latin character sets

Writing plugins

Interested in writing image file format plugins for Diagram Designer, Image Analyzer, Commander and SmartMorph? The C++ and Delphi source code for the plugins for handling TIFF, JPEG 2000, RAS, PNM, PGM and PPM can be found in ImageFileLib. Look at the example or contact me for information on writing plugins in C++ or Delphi. See the Image Analyzer download page for available plugins.       Last updated 2020-01-23 by Michael Vinther       [Send e-mail]