Popims Animator


Shareware for Windows 98/ME/2000/XP/Vista/Win7

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Available in English, French, German and Danish.


Animation software for creating morphs, warps and other effect with one or more pictures. The program allows the user to align, resize, and crop the pictures to achieve the best morphing results. The resulting animation can be computed and displayed real-time, it can be saved to disk and it can be printed for use with a Popims screen.

Popims Animator is the successor of MeeSoft SmartMorph and was created in cooperation between MeeSoft and Popims.



A Popims screen is a plastic screen holding thousands of lenses, which will allow you to view an animation printed in a special way by simply rolling it. The image can be printed on any good photo printer using Popims Animator. You can order one or more screens together with Popims Animator.

Image file format plugins

Interested in writing image file format plugins for Image Analyzer, Commander and Popims Animator? The C++ source code for the plugin for handling JPEG 2000, RAS, PNM, PGM and PPM can be found in ImageFileLib. Look at the example or contact me for information on writing plugins in C++ or Delphi. See the Image Analyzer download page for available plugins.

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