MeeSoft Image Analyzer Photoshop plugin

Version 2020-06-21


Free plugin for 64 bit Windows versions of Photoshop

Download zip (500 kb)  (hosted by FossHub)


Laplacian pyramid based local contrast and tone mapping plugin for Adobe Photoshop.
This is basically the Increase local contrast feature from Image Analyzer that has been made available as a plugin along with a few more features.
Note that only 64 bit Windows versions are supported.
To install the plugin, unzip it to some folder and select it as Photoshop's plugins folder under Preferences | Plug-ins. You may need to install the Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2015.



The effect of detail enhancement (photo from Toul Sleng prison, Cambodia, © Michael Vinther 2012):

Detail enhancement and tonemapping (photo from Mostar, Bosnia-Herzegovina, © Michael Vinther 2015):

Open Local contrast filter help page

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