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Enlarging pictures

In the Resize dialog (Image | Resize) there are several methods available for enlarging a picture (super resolution). Examples of doubling the size of a picture is shown below. Bilinear interpolation in general performs well and is very fast, but for increasing the size to 150% or above the Wiener filter or bicubic spline gives the best results. Wiener filtering is especially superior for exactly 200%, 400%, or enlarging by any power of two. The sinc method is included because of the close relations to the sampling theorem.
The difference between the results is easiest to see at the edges of the thin bright branches.


Pixel resize

Bilinear interpolation

Bicubic spline

Cardinal sine (sinc)

Wiener filter, M=4

Wiener filter, M=6

Fractal interpolation

XBR (under Pixel art resize)

Waifu2x (under Pixel art resize)


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