MeeSoft Image Analyzer examples

There is currently no complete documentation for Image Analyzer, and there probably never will be. Look in the status bar in the bottom of the program window for hints on what the tools do. Some features are described with examples in this page. It is a work in progress, and answers to questions I receive might be added.

3D modelling examples
Adaptive noise reduction
Auto color correction
Batch Processing help
Border Masks
Changing View
Enlarging pictures
Fade opacity
Fourier transformation
Frequency Domain Filter
Increase local contrast
Fading selections
Out of focus blur
Outside Border
PNG versus GIF and JPEG
Polishing Digital Stills from a Camcorder
Red eye removal
Restoration by deconvolution
Retouching portraits
Selection Tools
Set image gamma in Program options menu
Smart select brush
Stamps and Watermarks
Texture synthesis
Virtual Layers
Windows setup for non-latin character sets

Image Analyzer plugins

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